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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Class Wiki - So Far

I have edited information and contributed to contents of the MMORPG and P2P pages, although i only put myself to be a contributor to New Media and MMORPG. I have some of my own history in content about MMORPG and P2P so it is pretty easy for me to find information about them. I have put up some links that leads to websites that I visit and the homepages of programs related to torrenting. It looks like there more be extra sections I can include into these two topics when I have time to do so.


  1. Torrenting is an interesting topic for P2P file sharing! I reading the article "The BitTorrent Effect" by Clive Thompson for my critique and not only you can include these topics under Peer to Peer section in our wiki, but it may also be an ethical issue whether sharing torrent files with other users are illegal or not. :)

  2. P2P something many people have experience with. I should give that page a visit and see what I can add.

  3. i agree with marianne about weather sharing files is illegal or not, ethical or unethical? Also a lot of times there are a lot of viruses that are hidden when you download files and i personally have experienced this. That is why i no longer use P2P file sharing.