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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Privacy & Confidentiality

When it comes to privacy and confidentiality, we don't want leakage of sensitive information. New media likes to get involve with new things and that include information as well. We have seen that new media has brought communities together both big and small. We have also seen how information can be transmitted quickly and effortlessly without moderation, such as rumors on twitter and facebook as well as viral videos on youtube and other video hosting sites.

Everyone would want to keep their sensitive stuff for their own if it has a lot of value to them. Personal information is a big problem that can be used maliciously but that's not the only thing that can spread. Take Apple for example. They had plans for a new generation iphone but didn't release any information about it. Yet a small thing let out a huge leak about it on the site Gizmodo. I'm sure Apple wish for this to happen but with people like me, everyone will soon know.


  1. Information leakage is one of the biggest problem these days and it spreads it so quick world wide just because of New Media. Even when you try to keep your info safe, it's just not that easy

  2. it's weird that people want to keep their sensitive stuff to their own but yet they put it out on the internet for everyone to see.