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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Next New Thing

The closest invertion that can come out as a type of new media would be like an improvement on MMORPGs, Second Life, and and video conferencing would be how people would describe as virtual reality. My predictions of how it would be used would be the same as most people. They can directly connect to the Internet with just a controller and visors. It would just be like interactions like in SecondLife but there would be real life things inside the VR such as message boards and projectors that will shows post, pictures, and videos. The best outcome of this is if the visor can access the internet via wireless.


  1. It will be great that MMORPGs access the internet via wireless. if it become possible, we need more developing technology.

  2. I agree, by connecting using faster modes of internet such as wireless or a remote control would provide these people to contact each other much faster than usual. This would also improve the whole idea of online role playing gaming. Instead of sitting in front of a computer and shooting computer generated people, if like you said one can connect to the net and interact with them through message boards that shows videos, then this new idea of your's would be convering a lot of ground and it would be taking away some of the main concerns of the online gaming world =]